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🤓I'm Dr. Lindsay Padilla. And I'll be your professor for this WILD journey of creating, selling and optimizing courses for your business!

After I left academia, I spent the last few years honing my craft, monetizing my expertise, and changing the lives of thousands of people by teaching them what I know.

🙌 And now, I’m here to help you do the same.

Available Products

FREE Tech Guide

This PDF is a collection of the all best hardware and software that I use in my online teaching business (good for live streaming, audio, and pre-recorded content).

FREE Mini-Course

Learn how to turn your expertise into an online course that gets your students results and adds the best kind of zeros to your bank account!

On Course Social Tool

STOP struggling with “What the heck do I post today?” syndrome...and start sharing authority-building content on social media EVERY SINGLE DAY!

The 3-Part Re:purpose System

Learn how to repurpose with purpose so you develop relationships and grow your audience. Use with On Course Social for maximum impact. 

Classy Masterclass Course

Learn how to whip up a masterclass your viewers are thrilled to attend, buy whatever you’re selling, and rave about all over the interwebs!

Build a Better Beta

Launch a course without building a single module. Minimal tech, minimal headache. Focus on teaching and student success and stop tripping yourself up!

My Products Available Products
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