The 3-Part Re:purpose System

You’re ready to show up as the authority you are...and use it to sell more courses!

This product, How to Re:purpose your Social Media Content to 10x your Visibility, is meant to maximize the use of On Course Social: Sell your Course and Grow your Audience 365 days of the year!

The combination of On Course Social and this re:purposing strategy = INTERNET DOMINATION. Okay, that may be a bit extreme, but I promise, utilizing even a fraction of this system will allow you to show up on as many channels as you want, with little effort on your part. 

Visibility + authority-building magic happens when you Re:purpose! Instead of scrambling to keep creating more and more and MORE new content, you can actually “reuse” or “recycle” MACRO content into new pieces (MICRO content)...with not a lot of extra work. 

The key to my process is to do it with PURPOSE. Hence, Re:purpose. The goal is to create content that has a purpose: to develop relationships, to grow your audience, and to promote your authority (and your course!). 

As you’ll find out in this workbook, you are creating your own social media evergreen system that will only compound the efforts you’re putting in with the On Course Social calendar. It’s internet domination that you GROW into. There’s no rush to do ALL of it in one quarter ;)

Get ready.

Because this document shares EXACTLY how to take one piece of content and turn it into P L E N T Y more ;)

And it can be yours for ONLY $37!

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